There are already enough of rules in our lives, so we bring you only essential strategies that unlock success for your Mastermind Group and distinguish it from those destined for failure.

To run an effective Mastermind Group, you’ll need to establish some ground rules. When setting the rules, be flexible and discuss them with your group so that everyone agrees and has the same expectations. Failing to do so can jeopardize the success of your Mastermind Group.

1. Respect

By the definition of What is a Mastermind group (two or more people coming together in harmony to solve problems), respect is one of the foundational principles. This means considering the individual needs of each member and being patient, as it may take a few meetings for everyone to become comfortable with each other.

2. Show up

Remember, these are important meetings for everyone in the group to speed up the progress of achieving their goals, so, everyone is expected to show up every time. If an urgent matter arises that prevents you from attending or you are running late a few minutes, please notify your group members in advance using the agreed-upon communication channel (eg., ACHIEVEup or other IM, text, email, Facebook group etc.).

ACHIEVEup actionable meeting reminder notificationYou can notify you Mastermind gruop members in ACHIEVEup right from the meeting reminder notification by tapping apropriate action button or swiping.

3. Be on time

This should be a given based ont the 1st rule but it’s worth mentioning specifically – respect each other’s time. Remember, these are formal and structured meetings and not socialization. Make sure the meetings are a priority by putting them in your calendar and planning around them accordingly.

4. Contribute

Be a valuable member of the Mastermind Group. Come to every meeting prepared to contribute. Don’t just sit quietly. If you don’t trust your group enough to speak out, you may be in the wrong group. Aim to give more than you receive, but follow rule number one and don’t talk so much that you dominate the conversation.

If you’re worried that you have nothing to contribute to your Mastermind group, don’t be! Here are a few ideas to get your thinking started:

  • Knowledge and Ideas: What do you know about the topics that your group is interested in? Share your insights and expertise, even if you think it’s basic.
  • Experience: Both positive and negative experiences can be valuable to your group members. Share your stories and lessons learned so that others can benefit from them.
  • Connections: Do you know people who could be helpful to your group members? Make introductions and help your group network.
  • Other resources: Tools, applications, websites, templates, reports, and channels can all be helpful resources for your group members. Share what you have and help others stay organized and productive.

5. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is essential in a Mastermind Group. Do not discuss anything your members have shared with you outside the group, especially if it could harm their interests. If you need to share something outside the Mastermind group, obtain permission from all members first.

What’s next?

Meet with your Mastermind group to discuss the rules you need and how you want them implemented. You may agree on some penalties for repeated violations, which could range from warnings to removal from the group, depending on the rule and the violation. You may also want to consider rewards for those who champion following the rules.

ACHIEVEup define group rulesIf you are using ACHIEVEup for managing your Mastermind Group, you can define group rules right in the app with just a 3 taps:

  1. Go to the group profile screen
  2. Tap ✏ button in the top left corner
  3. Tap on the “Rules” menu item

New feature in development:

We are excited to announce that the “Attendance tracking” feature is currently in development for ACHIEVEup! This will make it easier for everyone to see who is attending each meeting and who is not. We are also planning to add a rewards system in the form of badges for those who consistently attend Mastermind Group meetings.